Your excellent experience at La Divina is our goal. As a locally owned and operated cafe we treasure our regulars and the new folks who are passing through. Stop in and introduce yourself! Coffee and community are our culture. Culinary and companionship are of high value. We love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Lance LeBlanc

CEO of Espresso

The Best Barista in Baton Rouge, Lance has excitement for espresso and a love for lattes. Stop in for a quick chat. Request your favorite gelato flavor. An unassuming artist himself, Lance enjoys meeting new artists and arranges the rotation of talented local artists you’ll see on display in our little cafe.

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Erik Le Fort

Executive Chef

Culinary Genius, Erik Le Fort, is a magician with our menu despite the limitations provided by our small space. Erik is passionate about everything culinary to the point that we only offer house made dressings, scratch soups, fresh baked pastry options and more. Expect delightful Chef Supper Specials this Fall as Chef Erik takes over the evening shift.

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Melanie Ardoin

Sous Chef

Growing up in the heart of Louisiana, Melanie has a passion for the food that brings family and friends together. Melanie is the glue that holds our Divine Team together… at times a Mama, a therapist, or just a good friend.

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Want to join our Divine Team?

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Melanie, Lance, Mary, and Erik with The StoreFront Project. June 16, 2020

Chef Erik, Lance, Marcus Lemonis, and Mary. Stopping in with his crew for lunch while shooting a nearby show.

Christmas 2019

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