Our La Divina espresso coffee blend contains all Arabica coffee beans, dry washed. The blend includes Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Sumatran coffee beans. Our drip brew coffee is Tchoupitoulas blend from Orleans Roasters.

Espresso poured at La Divina
Affogato: 2 ounces of espresso with your choice flavor of gelato added. A unique coffee experience to enjoy with breakfast.
Enjoy a Cafe Latte with breakfast
We source our milk from Feliciana Farms Dairy: A small local family owned dairy with the absolute freshest non-homogenized, always rBGH free milk available. The best for your coffee beverage of choice. If you would like to serve Feliciana farms at your house, you may pre-order gallons at our cafe.


Located near LSU, you’ll enjoy coffee and wifi with team spirit! Grab breakfast and coffee with class! Geaux Tigahs!
Select liqueurs and gelato flavors offer coffee and espresso combinations that can be quite an adventure! Make your breakfast and coffee a celebration!
Cold Brew available for you! In our Louisiana heat, there’s no way better to enjoy a little caffeine than with our Cold Brew coffee or Iced Latte. Get your day started right with breakfast and a little caffeine.
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